That’s not a real saint

My first two Saints That Aren’t Real Saints But Should Be (I’m calling them Blue Saints from here on out for the sake of not typing such a long ass name) are posted as of five minutes ago. St. Eunice of the Frilly Knickers and St. Philomina the Educated.




Neither of them have any visible naughty bits, so I didn’t list them as “adult”, and they’ll be with me at my next show in August. Which y’all should come to. There will be beer.

The next two pin up saints however, have visible bum. I don’t personally consider a bit of cheek particularly adult, but I’ll play it safe and list them as such to avoid anyone barking up my tree with “omg there’s a booty where my/ my child’s / husband’s eyes can look upon it” kind of complaints. I’ve got two bigger Blue Saints in the pipe, but I’m stalled at the moment. Sometimes that just happens. Josephine Baker (who is clothed in the image I have, so she’s not adult either) is also running a bit slowly. No big. I don’t like to force the issue. Beating myself up just makes me not want to work, so I walk away from the project and do something else till the pesky dames get moving again in my brain.

In addition to semi naked ladies, two Egyptian minis are up, as well as three new pigtail hats.

Go look…

Watch, I finally go in loaded for bear with these hats, and everyone will be all, “Wool hats in August? You madwoman!” and I won’t sell one. Which just means I’ll be fully stocked for fall and won’t have to kill my hands making more. Bright side, yo.

So, you probably stopped thinking about this…

…awhile ago, because there’s lots of stuff on everybody’s mind. Add the barrage of information Facebook and Twitter pelt you with and it’s a wonder anyone remembers to feed the cat.

Yeah, but I haven’t. Because my girl still can’t pay her bills. And she’s got follow up care, and rehab, and can’t work for at least six months. So I’ma badger folks some more to donate and/or pass the link on to others. There’s been a slew of new donations to the GoFundMe page, so¬† shop for a cause and get some cool stuff while helping a wildly talented photographer, poet and one of my bestest friends. Not that the last bullet point on her resume should matter. Oh wait, it totally should cuz I’m awesome and have awesome taste in friends!


Pleasantly surprised

There’s a street fair in these parts called Custer Street Fair. It’s big. Bands, food, a gazillion tents. I’d gone periodically in the past. You can’t help it, growing up around here. Everyone has been to Custer Street. It messes up traffic for miles because they close off a huge section of the downtown area one ‘burb over.

Last time I went was maybe ten years ago. I was really disappointed in it. Lots of imported junk, lots of booths for stuff like Verizon and various corporate entities. There was some handmade stuff, but not much. For the most part you could find the kind of stuff they had there at a flea market. Which, hey, I love me some flea markets, but I wouldn’t be applying to participate in one. The problem with any show containing imports, is that someone who makes things by hand can’t hope to compete with their prices. If people are seeing a lot of cheapo, they’re expecting cheapo and will assume you’ll be haggled down if they bother to linger past a look at your prices. I don’t know about anybody else, but my prices are as low as I can make them and still recover my costs. Southeast Asian child labor is cheaper than anything you can find here, and if they’re pimping made in China, you’re never going to get what you’re asking for your stuff.

So I’ve dismissed anyone suggesting I apply to it. Yesterday wasn’t a research mission. I was just going for the lookie loo. My partner and I had just finished beating ourselves up at the gym and figured since we were already sweaty and gross, why not go wandering around a crowd of hundreds of people and eat some Chicago dogs.

Well, color me impressed. Yeah, imported caca was there. But nowhere near as much of it as I’d seen in the past. And to my great joy, so were bunches of crafters. I got a badass wrist cuff from a cat outta MN that recycles old license plates, nuts, bolts, silverware, saddle parts, and all manner of metallic junk into amazing jewelry and accessories, and a super cool collage print from a local gal. I hadn’t intended to go shopping. Hell, I didn’t even bring any cash, assuming it was just going to be a bunch of junk and cheap sunglasses like in years past.

Sooooo, I googled em. Because maybe it would be a good thing for me to look into for next season. The price is surprisingly low, actually. I’d been told by a local businessman that the booth fee was high, but maybe that’s for a different type of business. Arts and crafts fee was under $300. Less than Art in the Park, which was nowhere near as large or well attended.

So yeah. Happy surprise. And maybe folks’ll be seeing me at Custer Street next year.

From draggin’ it to haulin’ it

Four new minis up today. HERE…


Three Santa Muerte and a Chango. Or St. Barbara, whichever you prefer.

And I guess the cork is out of whatever bottleneck my brain was in, cuz after posting those guys I went and started 13 more. Not counting the two larger ones I started a week ago but was doing nothing useful with.

Sometimes you just putz around with a thing till it figures out what it wants to be.

This batch will have a couple of Egyptian deities, thanks to pals bearing gifts. Bastet and Sekhmet, specifically. And I’ve run across some old erotic postcards from the 20s, which I think I told y’all about, that are about to get rolling. The ones currently in the works are St. Agatha of the Pert Bum, and Josephine Baker. St. Eunice of the Frilly Knickers and Our Lady of Perpetual Intoxication are next.

Due to the blue nature of those guys, you will not be seeing them at shows. Anyone wanting a nicho of a naughty saint is just going to have to pay for shipping. Sorry, but I’m not getting into it with organizers or soccer moms over barely noticeable nipples. And they are barely noticeable. These are from the 20s. Your average beer commercial has more skin in it. But you know how folks can be.

And now I shall once again pimp my pal Shadow, fabulous photographer, poet, spoken word diva and all around talented gal, who has broken the ever livin’ crap outta her leg (She posted x-rays. It’s way broken). Like most artists, she’s po’ and has no insurance. Her friends, a huge community of artists and performers, have rallied around her and donated all kinds of goodies to the GoFundMe site for your shopping pleasure, in addition to a benefit being thrown in her hometown of New Orleans.

Please go HERE…

…and check it out. Or pass it along. Or both. Someone in serious need plus awesome shit you can have for your very own? How can this equal anything but win?

Back in the saddle

Noo stuff!


The first of four cow bone mobiles, finito. I’ve been draggin’ ass, I admit. Dunno why, really. But I got a show in less than two months, so it’s time to git on it!

Also, hats…



These are 98% wool free versions, for folks with sensitivities. There’s one more, plus all my other funky junk here…

All this lovely stuff plus more of everything I can possibly get done will be live and in person at the Glenwood Ave. Art Fest in August. Come visit. Hey ladies, my booth monkey will be a six foot three inch bruiser of a stud who happens to be single. C’mon, you wanna. ::eyebrow wiggle::

I had no idea


That’s a lot of glitter. That’s two trips to the crafty store, because I misjudged how much I’d need the first time. That’s how much glitter it’s taking to cover this…


Cuz that’s a huge freakin’ head. And polyurethane for the horns, because they’re weathered and flaky and if I don’t protect them they’ll continue to decompose. It’s the down side to nature cleaned materials. But it’s already starting to look rad. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to involve a saint. This guy has such a broad forehead that it almost begs to have Guadalupe put there. Given his bison-y nature, I’d rather do White Buffalo Calf Woman, but alas, there’s no saint cards of her. The depictions are all modern, and copyrighted.

In other news, I just received word that I’ve been accepted into the Glenwood Ave. Arts Fest. It happens August 17 and 18 in Rogers Park, Chicago. Mark your calenders! There will be live bands on multiple stages, tons of local food, and a buttload of local artists hawking their wares for your shopping pleasure. And, because several bars sponsor it, beer! So come on out and party with my booth monkey and I. You know you want to.