Cuz I’m an eejit

Yeah, so, I just figured out how to permanently link to my Etsy shop on this page.

What? I’m a Luddite. I’ve admitted it on numerous occasions. Sue me.

Anyway, there it is.

::gestures madly to the upper left of the page::

Permanent link-y!

I return you to your regularly scheduled…whatever you were doing.


Great googly moogly

What a lot of people were at this Glenwood shindig! I feel like I talked to all of Rogers Park over the course of the weekend. But I looked good doin’ it!


No wonder all I want to do is sleep.

Pros- Huge crowd. And generally friendly and well educated in both the conventional and artistic sense. Everyone seemed to be in a really good mood, too. Which was nice. Sales weren’t as bangerang as I’d hoped (more on that in the “cons” portion of the event), but there were so very many enthusiastic browsers, and that’s its own reward.

Rogers Park is the most diverse neighborhood in the city. And by diverse we’re talking socioeconomic, ethnic, religious, all across the board. And it’s an area that’s always been big in the arts. Shows in the burbs can be sort of homogenous, so it’s nice to do something in a funky neighborhood. I have absolutely no problem talking about the various gods I work with to people who are unfamiliar with religions other than their own. Cuz I’m a nerd and nerding out on someone is just dandy by me. But it’s rad not to have to because everyone walking in your shop has a pretty decent background in mythology. I had people actually recognize Philomena Lubana, ffs. That never happens.

So yeah, super cool crowd. So much wonderful positive feedback I didn’t know what to do with myself. ::gush::

Look, one customer took delightfully creepy pics of my stuff.

customer shots 2

I got some hella networking done. Lots of invites to other events, one guy made noises about wanting to hang my work in his bar, and I gave out every last business card, to the point that by the end of the day I was handing out little bags with stickers on them in lieu of. Remind me to thank my mother for making me order those.

And the volunteers! Blue shirted Fest Helper Monkeys FTW! They came around all day checking up on vendors. Asking if they needed food, water, potty breaks, whatever.

Cons- The. Damn. Stage.

While yes, it could be argued that the stage made for awesome traffic, it did me little good, as I could not speak to said potential customers over the noise of the bands. Which started out fine but got progressively louder (and worse) as the day wore on, till the ultimate in ear splitting suckage, the cock rock metal band that capped the night. They were so loud I may as well have been closed the last hour and a half of the fest, because I could not hear or be heard by anyone. I have no doubt whatsoever that the decibel level hurt my sales. People are curious about what they see and want to hear its story, or they need to be told it’s ok to spend money on something just because it delights them. I can’t do that if I have to shout to be heard.

Day two was significantly quieter, with mostly folk, Cajun and bluegrass music, so that was ok. But sweet baby FSM am I never letting anyone put me near a stage again.

All and all, more good than bad by far. I will definitely be applying to Glenwood again next season.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and filled my shop with good juju, and the Fest Helper Monkeys, and the random Budweiser truck guy, who helped us get loaded out in under an hour because he desperately wanted us out of his way so he could hitch up his mobile bar thingie, which may not have been selfless on his part, but sure made our nights better, so thank you anyway.


Somehow I’ve gotten two more toobz and another bone mobile done this week. I have literally all the shit I can possibly carry and probably more than I can actually display. Whelp, I’m as ready as I’m gonna be.

My wonderful, fabulous, endlessly helpful partner did most of the heavy lifting for set up this afternoon, as I’m freshly tattooed in an inconvenient location (breastbone) and am somewhat crippled as a result. Did I mention his fabulosity? And after finals, too. What a peach.

So I’m set up smack on the north east corner of Lunt and Greenwood, across from the Heartland Cafe, ten steps from the Red Line Tap, spittin’ distance from one of the stages and right next to, what? A beer tent. Whoot! I’m definitely in a traffic hot zone. Omg fingers so crossed.

Ok, so, I totally stank. I’ma go take a shower, wash my hrr (Not a spelling error, I lived in New Orleans, remember?) and get a good nights sleep. Cuz y’all are coming to hang out, right? All the cool kids are doing it.

Whatcha doin’ this weekend?

Because if you don’t have any plans, you really ought to come to this.


Saturday and Sunday from noon to nine on Glenwood Ave between Morse and Lunt. Admission is free. There will be over 100 artists and studios open, 40 bands on three outdoor stages, and tons of food and drink. And beer!

It’s lookin’ to be a hot time, y’all. I’ll be just north of Lunt on Glenwood, right by the Red Line Tap. Come hang out!



Though I’m done trying to get much more finished for Glenwood, I am going to whip up a few more tubes like this one.


Knits don’t sell well online. They just don’t. People need to touch them and see them on to “get” it. I sell the hell out of pigtail hats at shows, but online maybe one or two a year. A YEAR. What a difference physical presence makes.

So, since the response to the tubes is really good in person, I’m hoping to make enough to hit the magic number. You know, that number somewhere between five and a bazillion that makes people want to buy something?

I started with one pigtail hat I’d made as an experiment. People loved it, but nobody wanted to buy it. I made a few more and almost sold out. I made even more for Art in the Park and again, almost sold out. Glenwood is getting my finest efforts yet, so cross your fingers. But the tubes get almost as much attention, I am guessing that three is not the magic number, so I’m going for half a dozen or so. I’ve got four currently, and though they take quite a bit more time than the hats, I can probably get two more done by go time.

It’s a practical piece of clothing, when you think about it, and like the hats, I can make them with less expensive yarn on bigger needles and keep my costs down. I don’t ever use crappy fiber. I’m a total snob like that. But there are cheaper options that don’t sacrifice quality. Let’s hope these babies move!

Spooked by my own junk

Now that I’ve written that out loud, it sounds totally wrong….

Ah, screw it.

Nooo stuff!


She scares even me. Her eyes are all clouded over and creepy looking. No normal person would want this hanging in their living room. Which is why I love it, and hope it will find a new home at Glenwood. Which is only two weeks away, fyi. Mark your calenders.

In other news, I got paid for the sidewalk sale.


Lookit all that sexah yarn. Hey, barter is the way, man. I’d have probably just ended up spending any cash she paid me on yarn anyway.

Finished a custom order today as well. Go me! Now cross your fingers I sell it all at Glenwood.