I can stop whenever I want to.

Mah boo and I spent the weekend in the home of Ringling Bros. circus.

Baraboo, WI doesn’t just have the circus museum, with over 200 restored antique circus wagons and the largest library archives relating to circus and sideshows in the entire country. It also has the International Crane Foundation (dedicated to crane conservation and rehabilitation), the Aldo Leopold foundation (dedicated to restoring tall grass prairie and green living education), a big cat rescue organization, Taliesin (Frank Lloyd Wright’s estate), Devil’s Lake state park, and spittin’ distance, The House on the Rock.

We won’t discuss the nearby presence of the Wisconsin Dells. Nobody’s perfect. But despite the damp, tacky Disney of the upper midwest being near enough to cause a shudder, Baraboo is wicked rad. It’s also one of the hubs of the Fall Art Tour (http://fallarttour.com/), easily one of my top five favorite things to do in October. Second only to Halloween, y’all. I mean, srsly.

Something like 40 studios spread out over and between five or so towns within a 50 mile radius in some gorgeous countryside. You just drive around all day looking at fall leaves and art. How awesome is that.

We saw some kickass art, drank a bunch of wine and did some shopping. Because Baraboo is also the home of my two favorite places for art supplies, Raven House Antiques (http://ravenhousebaraboo.blogspot.com/) and Oak Street Antiques (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oak-Street-Antiques-and-Yarn-Nook-in-Downtown-Baraboo-Wisconsin/135851039808983). Where I found heads!

Heads! So many heads…





I may need an intervention….


The Plan (ish)

So, since I’m trying to grow this business at a steady pace, I figured since I did two (and a half sort of) shows this year, I’d do four next year.

These are the four I’ve tentatively decided to apply to:

Spring Green Art Fair in Spring Green, WI. Home of House on the Rock, btw.

Prairie Arts Festival in Shaumburg, Il. Home of IKEA. Not as interesting as House on the Rock, I’m afraid.

That’s May and June. There’s Bristol Renaissance Faire taking up most of my summer. Then in August I will apply to:

Glenwood Ave. Arts Fest in Chicago, Il. Which I did quite well at and want to do again.

And, Glen Ellyn Festival of the Arts in Glen Ellyn, Il. Which from what I gathered looks sort of foofoo and may not want my glittery, doll head obsessed ass, but a girl can try. There’s money out there in them western burbs and I aim to bring brown people culture to those beige walled souls. The worst they can do is be all, “Yeeeeaaaah, no” and I’ll get my check back. No harm no foul.

In which case I’ll apply to Fair on the Square in Baraboo, WI, which only requires a month to jury a very small number of vendors, and while maybe not making me a ton of cash, gives me an excuse to head up to my favorite town in the world for a weekend.

Sound good? Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Oh my miniscule but treasured readership, have you anything to add?

Recon mission

Mah boo and I drove almost to Iowa yesterday to check out an art fair in Galena, Il. Galena is about three hours from Chicago, right at the Illinois/Iowa/Wisconsin corner area. It’s a gorgeous wee town surrounded by farms and trees and rivers, and from what I hear is a pretty major summer tourist destination.

Three hours is a haul for a recon mission, but the operational costs for this show are high. The fee is up there, for starters. There’s gas, food and lodging to afford. There’s also a special city permit I need to pay for if I want to vend there, and the fair is put on by a charity that requires vendors to donate something to their auction. This ain’t no jaunt to Rogers Park, in other words. The profit margin at Glenwood was excellent because my operational costs were under $200 for the whole shebang. This one would be significantly higher, and I really need to feel good that I’ll make it back and a bit o worth my while besides.

The show is well established with lots of vendors in a summer homey, touristy area. Which is good. But I needed to see how good it was before attempting to find the cash to apply.

On a Sunday, the fair grounds were pretty well packed. One of the vendors told me that Saturday had been wall to wall people, and another one told me it’s her best show of the year. That all goes on the “pros” list fo’ sho’.

Cons, however. The crowd seems rather conservative and on the older side, two things that are no bueno for my kind of stuff.  And in fact the same vendor singing the praises of the gate numbers said as much. I’m not selling porn or anything, but my stuff is a little out there. There have been the occasional boobies. There’s also my fondness for heads to consider. It would be seriously unfortunate if I shelled out all that cash (cuz at this point in my adventure, I’m running on a skeleton budget) just to have the collective Galenans be all “Wtf is that shit?”. I would cry. No, I think I actually would.

I feel mostly positive towards this potential show, but I’m still going to have to think on it pretty hard. My operational costs will be closer to $1000 than I like, and I’m not currently in a position to lose that much dough if it sucks. Decisions, decisions.

I dunno, anybody out there from Galena or it’s environs that thinks I’d do ok?

Stuff! Things!

Busy, busy, busy!

New stuff freshly posted here…https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaCornejaNegra



And more besides. And more coming. Though I’m being slowed down by some stupid neck/shoulder spasm pinched nerve stupid thing. This is what I get for participating in violent contact sports.

But if you like new stuff, keep an eye on the shop because I’m getting a bunch of nichos and pigtail hats ready for this…November 24, 2013
Red Door Winter Bazaar
11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Warren Park Field House 6601 N. Western Ave Chicago, IL 60645 Join us for our annual Winter Bazaar – bigger and better than any previous year! Get some holiday shopping done by browsing the vendor tables, walk the cookie walk and buy homemade cookies of every variety, and PHOTOS WITH SANTA! **Pets are welcome too!

They did send me a pdf flier thingie, but the picture of Santa on it was seriously creeping me out so I deleted it before it could crawl out of my computer and get me. It totally happens.

But till then I’ll be crankin’ away in the lab with limited head mobility. So you should stay tuned for bigger nichos. Some will have boobies. OooooOOooOOOo!


Dear “photographers”,

I use the term loosely, because though you have a camera and you are photographing, I’m not convinced you are a photographer. You are most likely that flavor of creepy dude that gives real photographers a bad rep. I could buy a fancy ass camera too. Does that make me a photographer?

Here’s the thing. Modeling is work. I know models. They have terrible back pain and muscle aches because modeling for photographers and painters requires they hold awkward poses for unnatural lengths of time. I’ve done a fair bit of modeling myself. It’s not exactly fun. It can be, if you have a good relationship with the photographer, but on a list of things I might like to do with an afternoon for the hell of it, it doesn’t even rate. I’d rather be organizing my sock drawer than posing for you, pal. So, approaching me with some insincere “complement”, telling me I look like some actress/singer/famous person that only shows me you think all brown people look the same, thinking that’s gonna blow my pants off and get me to sit for you for the fun of it? Not gonna work.

I will model for random people whether they are photographers or they just think they are. But, being work, I will require compensation. Don’t look all shocked when I give you a list of rates. Do you work for free? Shall I ask you to come to my house and immortalize my dog for the sheer joy of using your fancy camera equipment? I thought not. You can’t afford to pay a model? Then I suggest you do what other broke artist types do and offer to feed your friends in exchange for letting you use their image and time. My photographer friend gives me prints in trade for my time. She’s extremely talented, so this is a fair trade as far as I’m concerned. You want to trade, show me your portfolio and I’ll decide if that’s as good as cash for my time.

For her, I will also model just to help her out. She can feed me for it. It’s what friends do for their artist friends. You’re not my friend. I don’t know you. You just started bugging me in line at the store. In other words, no. I will not sit/stand/frolic/take my clothes off because it’s ok you’re an artist so it’s art, for you for the privilege of being immortalized alone. Stop accosting women in stores. You’re making it harder for real artists to find models because you smell of creeper.

No love,

The Girl Who Most Definitely Bears No Resemblance To Salma Hayak Whatsoever