Jarvis Square

First off, thank you Jen and crew, who organized Shop Jarvis Square, R Public House and the other businesses who hosted all the vendors, contributed their space and opened early for this event, and everyone who came out on an icky, snowy day to hang out and make Jarvis Square a fine time to be had by all.


A lady in her mid/late 50s buys a pigtail hat and says, “I’ve been sucking in my stomach for 30 years. To hell with it.” when it is pointed out by her companion that that is one crazy hat.

Our lovely neighbor Gregory with his wonderful masks and wizard puppets, who, it turns out, knows some of the people I did ren faire circuit with from way back, and used to work at the Civic Opera house. We gabbed and laughed all day long about festivals and opera and art. He made the day pass so pleasantly I hardly noticed I was working. Mah boo bought one of his shadow boxes, so even if we don’t cross paths again, I’ll always get to think of him when I see it, and that’s one of the reasons art is so awesome.


Beer barrel bourbon.

Despite it dumping snow on us most of the day (we were indoors, but people don’t like to drive in snow) a good time was had. We had really nice neighbors, so the super tight space was minimally awkward, and we didn’t get in each others way too badly. Operational costs for this show were very low, so I made them back quickly and a reasonable profit besides. I think I would have done better with more cooperative weather, so I’m game for next years show.

There were tons of fiber people there, so the decision I made to keep the fiber minimal and highlight nichos was, it turned out, a good one. I had one small case full of pigtail hats off to the side, one of which I wore because I had no room for my foam heads to display them, but the table was covered in nichos and glitter skulls. It worked out, I think. My set up was definitely one of the more colorful, as the tone of many of the vendors was that earthy, modern country crafty thing that you see so much of on Etsy. Which is cute and widely appealing, but not my bag. I’m more of a RuPaul and Vegas had a baby with Mexico and New Orleans was it’s nanny. Which means I don’t appeal to everyone. But those I do appeal to are a freakin’ riot, and a pleasure to interact with, by and large. Example, the second pigtail hat sale of the day went to a lady who works downtown, and was crowing about how much fun it was going to be to wander around the drab, concrete, conservative business district in a hat that looked like a fire engine red muppet had died on her head.


I’m really glad this went well. Small holiday shows are the way to survive the winters in this biz, and the two I’ve done so far incline me to do them again and that’s awesome. Playing musical shows didn’t appeal to me when I was doing ren faire, and it doesn’t now, so I’m thanking FSM that I’ve lucked into these guys my first go around.


Last chance!

To see me in person this season! At my show! In Jarvis Square this coming Saturday from 10 till 5! IN A BAR!!

SJS-Cover Photo


So come already. Because I’m a hoot and a half sober, so you totally want to see me trying to sell shit after a few G&Ts, baby. And after this show I’ll be locked in the lab sniffing glue and doing illicit glitter experiments under the noses of the authorities till spring. When I’ll theoretically have even more shows to post for your enjoyment. Just as soon as those slackers get their applications posted.

But I digress…Come out Saturday!