New adventures

Greetings friends old and new. I’m announcing a thing.

With the addition of a mailing list (I’m working on figuring it out, swear), there is new opportunity for shenanigans! I frequently get asked at shows if I teach. Well, not as such. I have no place to host a workshop or anything else of that nature. But I do get around. To flea markets mostly. But also to coffee shops and bars. Well, mostly bars. Heh.

So, this mailing list gives anyone interested the ability to not only get updates on what shows are coming up, but what ninja art gathering is happening in the near future.

For example, this October is the “In Rust We Trust” field trip to the Grayslake Antique and Flea market. Only three spots available currently, cost is $7 entry to the flea and whatever you want to spend on junk. In other words, I’m not personally charging you anything for this exploratory excursion. We’ll wander around the market talking about boxes for junk, what kind of junk is good junk for assemblage, how much you should spend on junk and other art/junk related topics.

This is the first of such things, so it’s small. If it works out and everyone digs it, or if I get more people wanting to get on board, I’ll expand the size of the posse.

But in addition to junking trips there are any number of arty activities you and I can engage in. Ninja tea parties (and by “tea” I mean “whiskey”…or tea, you know, if you prefer) where the curious can ask any questions they like of me about any topic that tickles their fancy, and we can talk about how to integrate your artistic leanings into your life, the nuts and bolts of 3D mixed media (I know we all wish it wasn’t, but hot glue is inadequate to just about all tasks you set forth for it, more’s the pity), what you need to start doing shows, and generally have a nice time over, um, “tea”.

And from there we’ll see where it goes. I have all sorts of notions in this head of mine and I’d like to share them. And if you’d like me to, just the second I figure out this mailing list monkey, there will be a sign up thingie for you to hit up and you can get in on the action in a way that ensures you won’t miss an update because of Facebook’s lousy algorithms.

Prepare yourselves!