Happy Equinox!

The leaves aren’t doing much hereabouts just yet, but it’s definitely on its way. You can smell it.

With autumn comes the end of the outdoor show season, but the beginning of the INDOOR show season. You know what that usually means? I don’t have to set up a tent or worry about the weather. I realize it’s not as exciting for you as it is for me, but that’s ok. I’ll be excited for both of us.

So! This is where I’ma be at for the rest of the season.

THIS WEEKEND!! The very last outdoor show of the year (for me, anyway)! Edgewater Fall Arts Fest on Granville between Broadway and Kenmore. 11-6 Saturday and Sunday. A boatload of killer artists of my personal acquaintance will be there. I can totally vouch for the content of this show, if not for the beer. Which I hope for your sakes there will be. But if not, you know I won’t tell on you. Winkwink.

ALSO! Monday the 12th of October brings a small, cozy popup art market in Evanston. The Prairie Moon restaurant on Sherman will host me and a bunch of other rad makers between 5 and 9 pm. There will definitely be beer, and food and if I’m lucky, the cake lady will be doing samples again.

NOVEMBER! Busy busy month for your holiday shopping pleasure. Milwaukee-ans, on the weekend of the 14th and 15th, I’ll be at the indoor sports complex just south of you in Franklin for Re: Craft and Relic, a brand new show featuring upcyclers, vintage pickers and funky indie crafters of all sorts. Come support local indie makers in yer ‘hood you guys!

Then on the 22nd I will once again be supporting homeless puppies, kitties and bunnies at the Red Door Animal Shelter’s Holiday Bazaar! Held at the Warren Park field house on Western from 11-5 that Sunday. There is a cookie bake sale of truly epic proportions, and you can bring your critter (the four legged kind, though I’m pretty sure Santa will let your kids in on the action too) for a picture with Santa, who I know for a fact is secretly a sassy ol’ biker dude who loves puppies.

Lastly in November is the Black Friday indie craft hootnanny known as the Late Late Craft Show! Hosted by Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro on Lincoln Ave., this event starts at 5 and goes till 11 pm. There is food and whiskey and art. Which is all I need for a recommendation, really. Cooooome!

If all goes as expected, December will bring us Shop Jarvis Square to close my season out. The event is trying to change management, as the organizer said eff this noise and moved south and west away from this godforsaken latitude after the last blisteringly cold winter we had up here. Who can blame her? But I haven’t heard if she’s managed to pass the torch on, or if it’s happening this year, or what, so stay tuned for updates on that score.

Otherwise, that’s the rest of the season mah peeps. Enjoy the turning of the leaves and the gutting of the gourds and the begging of the candy!


Lakeview: Highlights, Lowdowns and WTFs

So think Roger’s Park in the general vibe and attitude department. That’s the Lakeview crowd. Fun, polite, totally in to art, but willing and able to shell out the bucks for it. The price points that sold were generally either low or high, with slim mid-range sales. I’ve never sold that many pieces over $100 at one show. So there you go. Not a lot of kids at this show, which makes sense. Lakeview is a super trendy, young neighborhood. Awesome if you’re only responsible for feeding yourself and getting to work on time. Noteworthy though, was the fact that all the kids that I personally had in my booth were *extremely* well behaved. Not handsy or particularly loud or hyper. They were looking at and engaging with the art at their parent’s prompting, rather than just running around wanting to play with everything, and that’s freakin’ delightful. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for a kid to run around and play with everything, but that’s not at an art show, and it was unusual and gratifying to have conversations with kids about the process rather than about why they shouldn’t touch stuff.

So highlights: Great crowd, ready to buy. And not just a local one. I had folks finding me who had seen me at Glenwood, as well as the odd patron from a suburban show like Glen Ellyn. Which brings me to my next highlight, the advertising. EVERYONE knew about this show. The buy in is high, but clearly well spent. I saw an advertisement for this shindig in a restaurant west of the Loop back in July, I’ve heard radio ads, seen print ads. You name it. And they came out in the rain. Saturday morning was deeply icky, with cold wind and almost constant rain. And there were people still out. In rain gear and umbrellas, but out and shopping. And the second, the very second the forecast called for clear skies, they came in droves. We were hella busy. Almost ran out of cards both days, and the uptick in Fb likes and Esty favorites has been double that of any other show so far this year. This crowd is engaged. Which is so awesome I can’t even tell you. Fair warning though, it’s a late bang. Lots of lookers and wanderers for most of the early part of the day. Sales happen after lunch and all the way up till close. Like, riiiiight up till close. Plenty of vendors stayed open an extra half hour because of this.

ALSO! Artist amenities. I got three words for y’all. Full. Hot. Breakfast. Boom.

Eggs, ‘tatoes, and All the Meats were served piping hot at the school nearby. Because kitchen! Parking in that neighborhood is a nightmare, so free artist parking was arranged at the Illinois Masonic lot. Which is far. So they hired a shuttle for us. Win! I personally opted to pay for parking, because I am an impatient person. And? Beneath this perky, poofy hair flower wearing exterior is a cold, hard cynic and I don’t trust people enough to leave my stock overnight, so I want my car nearby for packing down each and every day. But, the option is there and that’s awesome. Though security was on point the whole weekend. Ex law enforcement from the looks of them, so probably I could have left things up and been ok.

Also, tons of great, healthy food options in the vicinity (maybe in my 20s I could have done Muay Thai on pizza and funnel cake, but that is so no longer my metabolism), and a Walgreen’s nearby in case of emergency bubble wrap or asprin needs. And again, communication was top notch. I got email updates on everything. Like, *everything*. Kind of awesome.

Lowdowns: Load in and load out were a hot mess. I kind of blame the city on that one though, as I’ve done another show with this organizer and had no such issues. But at load in there were box trucks in everybody’s way, an ice truck ran over some dude’s expensive Trimline tent poles, two grown ass men tried to get in a fistfight over who knows what. Seriously, that was redonk. Load out was slightly less exciting, but still a pain in the ass due to a narrow street and too many people trying to get through it. My monkeys and I ended up taking multiple trips hoofing the whole shebang two-ish blocks to where I was parked rather than try and negotiate for space with 150 other poor, tired bastards just wanting to get loaded up and go home.

WTFs: On chilly, chilly Saturday I had some freako tell me to put a jacket on because, I quote, “They’re showing”. Be proud of my jackboot wearing, no leg shavin’ feminist ass for not chucking him down the nearest manhole. All I said was “Why don’t you mind your business instead of my tits, asshole.” and went on about my day.

Next up, Edgewater!